I am sarcastic, sensitive, insecure about my body, a mom, cook, chauffer, full time worker, wife. I pretty much write about whatever comes into my head. I don't filter much so watch out!

I'm stuck in a rut but determined to be the best me I can be. I turn 40 in June 2015. Let's see if I can get my ass in gear to lose 40 pounds and run a half marathon by then.


Having Melissa’s cornbread skillet for lunch with plenty of Franks hot sauce!

My God…I took the selfie and when I did a double take thought it was a picture of my sister. I never thought we looked alike before but it was noticeable to me today. You would probably be more interested if I had an actual photo of my sister but I’m not that cool today.

  1. happyhealthycook said: I find it so funny that we’re eating the SAME LUNCH. Your face looks beautiful as ever today!
  2. angeldrinkstea said: That looks amazing. I was sitting here wondering why I wasn’t hungry (I ate like three bites of my breakfast) and then I saw that and now my stomach is growling.
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